Albania is going to Eurovision next year

Today, it was confirmed that Albania will be returning to the Eurovision stage next year in Denmark, despite getting one of their worst results ever in Eurovision; 15th position in the second semi-final. But according to Oiko Times, Albania’s national broadcaster, RTSH, will be seen in Denmark next year! The number of countries that have confirmed for Denmark is now at seventeen, with another six months until the deadline.

Albania has confirmed for next year

Albania has confirmed for next year

There had been rumours that Albania would withdraw after they got their second worst placing, one year after they got their best placing with Rona Nishliu’s Suus. To add to that, the head of the Albanian magazine Panorama suggested that Albania should withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest after the bad placing, but RTSH were quick and emphatic to deny the allegations and say that Albania isn’t going to leave Eurovision anytime soon. Therefore, Albania has confirmed participation in Denmark in 2014.

Albania has taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest every year since the débuted in 2004 in Istanbul. The scored their best result in 2012 with Suus, but got their worst placing in 2007, when Frederik Ndoci came in 17th place in the semi-final with his song Hear My Plea. Albania has reached the final six times since they débuted the year the semi-finals were introduced, but have also failed to qualify four times, but Albania is one of the most successful countries to qualify from the semi-final.

Will Albania win the Contest next year?


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