Sweden has confirmed for next year

Sweden has confirmed participation for next year’s Contest in Denmark. Sweden proudly handed over the right to host the show when Emmelie received the Eurovision trophy from Loreen when she was declared the winner and now Sweden are preparing for next year’s national final; Melodifestivalen.

SwedenSweden is sticking with the way they did things last year, this being that there is a competition run in August, where 25 songs will be reviewed by a jury and the winning song from this competition will be guaranteed a place in next year’s Melodifestivalen, and therefore, Sweden has partly released their details for their participation next year and subsequently, they have confirmed participation for next year, bringing the total number of confirmed countries to fifteen, only eight days after the 2013 Final in Malmö.

Sweden has participated 53 times in the Song Contest since its début in 1958, and only missing three Contests (1964,1970,1976) and one Grand Final (2010). Sweden has won the Contest five times in its history: in 1974 with ABBA, 1984 with Herreys, 1991 with Carola, 1999 with Charlotte Nilsson and last year with Loreen. This year, Robin Stjernberg finished in 14th position on home ground, but can Sweden bring the Contest back next year? We’ll have to see…

Who do you want to see at Melodifestivalen next year? Let me know by comments!!


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