France will be in Denmark next year

A couple of days, it was confirmed on that France has decided to compete in Eurovision 2014 in Denmark. This brings the total number of countries confirmed for the 2014 Contest up to 14, even though the deadline isn’t for another 7 months!

In the link provided, the website says:

Frankrijk, dat maar niet kan begrijpen dat hun inzending zo kon floppen, zal het in 2014 ook nog eens een keertje proberen. (France, that can’t understand how their entry flopped so hard, will try again in 2014)

Can France do better next year in Denmark?

Can France do better next year in Denmark?

In Malmö, France’s Amandine Bourgeois finished in a dismal 23rd place with 14 points, beating only Finland, Spain and Ireland. In Baku last year, Anggun came in also dismal 22nd place with 21 points. So is France starting to flop? Whoever they send to Denmark in 2014 has the great pressure of delivering a good result for the country, the latest being in 2010, when France finished in a respectable 12th place with ‘Allez, Ola, Olé’ performed by Jessy Matador. Maybe they could win? France hasn’t won the competition since 1977, so could their luck change? We’ll have to see.

Who would you want to represent France in Eurovision? Let me know by comments below!


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