Semi-Final Two: Your Results!

As with yesterday, I posed the question to the people of Eurovision Debate who would qualify to final from the second semi-final. The voting closed just now and the results are in! A total of 312 votes were cast in the poll and this is the official result. Let’s see if there are any surprises here…


1. Norway – 32 votes                                                       =Malta – 22 votes

2. Finland – 27 votes                                                       11. F.Y.R. Macedonia – 15 votes

3. Iceland – 26 votes                                                        12. Albania – 12 votes

4. San Marino – 25 votes                                                = Hungary – 12 votes

Azerbaijan – 25 votes                                                    14. Bulgaria – 10 votes

6. Greece – 23 votes                                                              15. Romania – 8 votes

Switzerland – 23 votes                                                    16. Armenia – 6 votes

8. Israel – 22 votes                                                                  17. Latvia – 2 votes

Georgia – 22 votes


Your winner, Margaret, rehearsing "I Feed You My Love" in Malmö.

Your winner, Margaret, rehearsing “I Feed You My Love” in Malmö.

This semi-final was more divided than the first semi-final, as we can see that this semi-final has more ties for places than its predecessor. The fan favourites are distinguished from the less favourites by the top ten, with the worst liked being placed from places 11-17. The main favourite, Norway, lead the voting all the way through, finishing on 32 votes, eight less than the winner before them, Denmark. Krista from Finland was second and was on Norway’s trail before losing momentum and settling on 27 votes. Eyþór  from Iceland finished in a respectable third place, despite not being considered a fan favourite. On the other hand, former Eurovision participants Elitsa and Stoyan from Bulgaria have shown that their previous entry was better than “Samo Shampioni”. Also, the group PeR from Latvia were the least likely to qualify for the final, getting only two votes; the worst any entrant had gotten.


So below is the map of the countries that are in your final! Red countries are the countries that you decided to not proceed to the final. Green countries are the countries that are proceeding to the grand final. The countries in blue are the Big Six; Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, the United Kingdom and France. Yellow and grey countries are the countries that are not taking part in the Song Contest this year. Below the map is who you have decided to be the winner of the second semi-final; Margaret Berger’s “I Feed You My Love”. Have fun!

This the map of your final!!

This the map of your final!!


One thought on “Semi-Final Two: Your Results!

  1. what a shame, I would have loved to vote, but only saw this article now and I really like the Latvian song. Wonder what will happen in the real competition, you never know..

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