Semi-Final One: Your Results!

Today, I posted in the Facebook Eurovision group Eurovision Debate who they think will qualify in the first semi-final on Tuesday in four days time!  The voting closed tonight at 9pm GMT and the results are in! A total of 430 votes were cast in the poll and these were the final votes. Here is the list:

1. Denmark – 40 votes                                                             9. Montenegro – 28 votes

2. Moldova – 39 votes                                                             10. Belgium – 24 votes

3. The Netherlands – 38 votes                                             11. Estonia – 21 votes

4. Ireland – 37 votes                                                                 12. Serbia – 19 votes

5. Austria – 34 votes                                                                   = Slovenia – 19 votes

Ukraine – 34 votes                                                                   14. Croatia – 16 votes

7. Russia – 33 votes                                                                       15. Cyprus – 10 votes

8. Belarus – 31 votes                                                                     16. Lithuania – 7 votes

Your winner for the first semi-final, Denmark, rehearsing on stage in Malmö.

Your winner for the first semi-final, Denmark, rehearsing on stage in Malmö.

Denmark was the leader throughout the voting time, with second-placed Moldova following very closely. Third placed Netherlands, along with Ireland, started off very slowly but started to climb dramatically until they settled in their current places. Austria and Ukraine both collected votes early on and continued to get votes until the end of the voting. On the other hand, fan-considered favourite Serbia started off well, but didn’t gather many votes, eventually settling for joint 12th place with fellow Balkan Slovenia. Sadly though, there are some songs that were never favourites and Lithuania was continually in last place and finished with only 7 votes.

So, this is your top 10! Denmark, Austria, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Montenegro and Russia are the pick of the fans to qualify for the final! But will this be the same outcome on Tuesday? Who knows? We’ll wait to see then! Here is your winner of the first semi-final!


One thought on “Semi-Final One: Your Results!

  1. I really don’t understand the fuss for this song, it’s good, but as far as I’m concerned, there are better songs in the competition, Ireland for instance and also Slovenia.

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