Introducing: United Kingdom 2013

Today, we are finishing the ‘Introducing’ series with the introduction of the British entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. The UK is sending the legend Bonnie Tyler to sing her song “Believe In Me” in the Grand Final, but in an unknown position, but this will be

Bonnie will represent the UK in Malmö.

Bonnie will represent the UK in Malmö.

resolved when Tyler has her first press conference.

This year, along with every year since 2011, the UK chose their artist internally, selecting Bonnie on the 7th of March, though there were reports that the national final system would be brought back after Engelbert Humperdinck’s dismal placing last year in Baku. As well as the artist, the BBC also released the song that she would sing and it was revealed as “Believe In Me”, the lead single from her newest album, Rocks and Honey. The song will officially be presented to the public on live television, as the songs has been already premiered on radio when the song was released, on a chat hosted by the UK’s Eurovision commentator, Graham Norton tonight!

Reaction to the song has been positive, though Bonnie herself has said that she's not too keen on the song going for Eurovision.

Reaction to the song has been positive, though Bonnie herself has said that she’s not too keen on the song going for Eurovision.

“Believe In Me” is a pop/ballad that is sung by Tyler. The lyrics of the song talk about love and Bonnie asks her partner to believe in her and be positive in the relationship. Bonnie starts the first verse saying that she is with the feeling of her lover being pessimistic about things, including love and not seeing the good in things. She is OK with everything if he is OK, but if he’s feeling alone (and this is where the chorus begins) she asks him to “believe in me, yeah” and all the things she does for him. This theme of pessimism and non-belief continues throughout the song and the song’s chorus is repeated and the song is over: Here’s fans’ opinions:

 I really like it! Hopefully it will do well. 8/10 – Connor from the UK itself

I think that the UK entry is one of the best this year. Bonnie’s voice is outstanding and recognisable. She’s close to perfect for me as a performer! The song has this rock touch she needs and the country touch I need! 10/10 – Nick from The Netherlands

Big improvement over the last few years and an artist who is very credible. She’s a great performer but the song is more radio friendly I think, but that didn’t stop ‘Running Scared’ winning. Depending on the draw it could be a big surprise. 8/10 – Padraic from Ireland

Back to the 70’s. Would have been a big hit then. A classic now. A Nice little song. Will get many points. 6/10 – Tim from Norway

I really love it! Especially the lyrics. The only thing I would like to be a little better is the sound of the drums. They seem a little synthetic. 9/10 – Anders from Norway

I love it! 10/10 – Nelly from Greece

And that’s it! If you wish to scroll back through the ‘Introducing’ articles, click on the ‘Introducing: The 39 entries of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest’ below! With only 11 days until the first semi-final, the artists are starting to arrive in Malmö. Good luck to everyone!


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