Two countries have chosen!

Today, we found out more about two countries’ participation in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Malmö. These countries are San Marino and the FormerThe countries that recently chose... Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (F.Y.R. Macedonia for short). With San Marino now revealing their artist, the total number of countries that have revealed the singer and/or song thing has risen to seventeen.

San MarinoSan Marino – In the previous post, I told you that today, the Sammarinese would reveal their singer and song title, and they did! The will send Valentina Monetta… again! It was revealed at today’s press conference that the 37 year old will re-represent the tiny republic in Malmö. It was also revealed that the name of the song will be called “Crisalide”, which is “Chrysalis” in English. The song will be sung in both English and Italian and the song will be again composed by Ralph Siegel, but the lyrics will be left to Mauro Balestri. Buona fortuna San Marino!

F.Y.R. MacedoniaF.Y.R. Macedonia – We had already learned that Vlatko Luzanoski and Esma Redzepova would be sent to Sweden on behalf of F.Y.R. Macedonia, but today we learned what the sing will be about. The song will be provisionally called “Opsesija“, which means Obsession in English. The song will be written by Esma’s son, Simeon Atanasov. As I said, the title is provisionally called “Opsesija”, so Atanasov will work around the title, but it’s likely that the song will be called another name.

What do you think of the choices by the countries? Let me know!


San Marino chooses tomorrow!

Tomorrow, San Marino will reveal who they will send to represent them in Malmö. If you want to watch the press conference by SMTV, you can go to or you can go to the official SMTV website to watch a live streaming of the conference. The press conference will start at 11 a.m. CET.

San MarinoSo tomorrow the Sammarinese will reveal the artist they will send to Malmö. Earlier, esctoday reported that the Sammarinese Head of Delegation stated that the choice was narrowed down to four artists, two of those are “internationally acclaimed artists”. Tomorrow, the artist will join the press conference and have a “meet and greet” session with the media. Also, the song title will be revealed tomorrow, but the actual song and the music video will not. SMTV will have an official presentation of the song between now and March, and that, like the artist announcement, will be streamed SMTV and esctoday.

San Marino débuted in the Eurovision Song Contest a mere five years ago, back in Belgrade with Modio. They competed in the first-semi final, but only managed to get 5 points, putting them 43rd of 43 countries. San Marino then took a two year break, but then returned in Düsseldorf in 2011 with Senit, but again failing to reach the final. In 2012, San Marino had the most controversial song as Valentina Monetta sang about Facebook. But the EBU forced San Marino to change the lyrics and it was now known as “The Social Network Song” and, although this was San Marino’s best placing, they once again didn’t make it to the final.

Who will you want to represent San Marino? Will the song be in Italian, English or Sammarinese?? Let me know your opinion!

Emmelie to represent Denmark!

Emmelie de ForestThe Danes have chosen! Emmelie de Forest is going across the Øresund Strait to represent Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö! She won the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix with 26 points, while her two other competitors got 19 and 15 points respectively.

In the previous post, I told you about tonight and the participants, well now, it’s known that Emmelie is going to Malmö with her song “Only Teardrops” the video is at the bottom of this post. The night had ten acts competing for the right to represent Denmark. After the acts had performed, viewers had the chance to vote while they were treated to a number of guest performers, including Johnny Logan, who won for Ireland in 1980,1987 and as a composer in 1992.

When the results were announced, it was revealed that Emmelie, Mohammed and Simone would progress to the “super-final”. The three artists sang again and then results were ready to be revealed. The jury cast their votes first, and when they were finished, Emmelie and Mohammed were tied for first place with 11 points each, with Simone in last place with 8 points. Then, it was the turn of the public. 7 points were given to Simone, giving her 15 points and that meant she wouldn’t represent Denmark; it was down to Mohammed and Emmelie. 8 points were given to Mohammed, leaving him with 19 points and with 15 points left, it was clear that Emmelie had won. Emmelie will represent Denmark in the first semi-final on the 14th of May. Held og lykke Danmark!

What do you think???

Tonight: Danish national final!

All of the participants of tonightTonight, the Danes will pick who they will send, literally, over the Øresund Strait to the Malmö Arena in 108 days time. There are ten songs competing for the top spot, but only one will get to go to Sweden to represent Denmark.

Niels Brinck is making a return to the Eurovision stage, after he represented Denmark in Moscow in 2009. Also, Thomas G:son has written a song. If you’re not familiar with him, he’s one of the co-writers (along with Peter Boström) of Euphoria, the song that brought the Eurovision Song Contest to Malmö.

So, the complete line-up for tonight is:

  • Frederikke Vedel – Jeg har hele tiden vidst det
  • Niels Brinck – Human
  • Kate Hall – I’m Not Alone
  • Louise Dubiel – Rejs dig op
  • Daze – We Own the Universe
  • Simone – Stay Awake
  • Jack Rowan ft. Sam Gray –  Invincible
  • Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops
  • Albin – Beautiful to Me
  • Mohamed – Unbreakable

If you want to hear a preview of each song, you can go here to listen to  a 30 – 35 second portion of each song. If you’ve heard them, what’s your favourite? Answer the poll below and see if you’re favourite is shared by others! Be sure to go to to watch the show!

Three countries have chosen their artists!

In the past couple of days, three countries have chosen their artists: France, Cyprus and Armenia. Below are the given reasons why they chose them!The countries in question

FranceFrance – France chose their singer and song internally this year by France 3. They have decided that Amandine Bourgeois will sing the song L’enfer et moi” in Sweden on the 18th of May. She was decided to represent France by a special committee made up of French music industry experts and officials at France Televisions. Bonne chance Amandine!

CyprusCyprus – The island country had already announced that CyBC would select the artist internally on the 15th of January , and they had narrowed the choice down to five artists. There were rumours that Valantro Trifonos was chosen but Cyprus officially confirmed that Despina Olympiou will represent Cyprus in Malmö! More details about the song will be released in due course. καλή τύχη Κύπρος!

ArmeniaArmenia – Returning after a year’s break, Armenia will send Gor Sujyan to Sweden in May. The 25-year-old is no stranger to the Eurovision, as he provided backing vocals to Eva Rivas in Oslo in 2010. He is one of the biggest rock singers Armenia has to offer, and this can be proved when he won the “Best Male” category at the Armenian National Music Awards. His song will be chosen on the 2nd March, where Sujyan will sing five songs and the public will choose the song they liked the most. Հաջողություն Հայաստան!!

So with all these artist choices, the Wikipedia map is getting greener by the minute! Who do you think will have a chance in Malmö and take the trophy home with them? Let me know by comments!!

Allocation Draw Results & Theme revealed!

On the 17th, the allocation draw for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest took place and we found out who would accompany Denmark in the first semi-final and who would accompany Israel and Norway in the second semi-final. The results of the allocation draw are shown below. Now that we know which countries are in the semi-finals, the producers will choose which positions each country will have and those results will be posted in April.

Copyright: WikipediaThe line-up for the second semi-final

Copyright: Wikipedia
The line-up for the second semi-final

Copyright: WikipediaThe line up of the first semi-final

Copyright: Wikipedia
The line up of the first semi-final

As well as that, the them and slogan for the Contest was revealed. The slogan is “We Are One” and this will be accompanied by a logo consisting of a butterfly which has been assembled of other patterns etc. As for the host, they are still being secretive as to who will be the chosen one. Many fans wish the host would be Melodifestivalen 2012 co-host Sarah Dawn Finer to host, but we wont know until later on.ESC 2013 logo and slogan

What do you think of the semi-final line-up? Is your country where you want it to be? And what do you think of the logo? Let me know by comments!

“Mižerja” will be the Croatian song!

Source: WikipediaHRT doesn't know how they'll decide to choose the singer(s) for Croatia next year

Source: Wikipedia

Croatia will send the song “Mižerja” to Malmö! HRT, the Croatian national broadcaster, confirmed to that a special  HRT jury has selected the Croatian entrant’s song, which is titled “Mižerja” which means Misery or Sadness. Composed by Goran Topolovac, originally from Duga Resa, the song is the first part of the Croatian selection process, as the artist will be decided in February. found out that the song is currently in a demo version, which is why HRT is trying to form an ensemble of singers to perform the song in Sweden. According to the website, HRT is working 24/7 to try and find the perfect formula for the Contest in 118 days time. Also, HRT informed that they have a back-up song called “Cili svit za bili cvi” which means “If the outside world were to flower.” More about the Croatian participation will be revealed in due course. If you wish to read the original article, just click here.

Do you think Croatia could reach the final for the first time in 4 years with “Mižerja”? Let me know!

Cyprus decides 15th January!

CyprusCyprus will decide who they’ll send to Malmö on the 15th of January (that’s two days away; Tuesday!), but they won’t be deciding the song they’ll be singing, just the artist.

According to Jack Cuffe from, there are five names in the running of representing Cyprus. These people are:

  • Vera Boufi (Boufi is the niece of Anna Vissi, who represented Greece in Athens 2006)
  • Filippos Konstantinos (Konstantinos is a member of ONE, who represented Cyprus in Tallinn 2002)
  • Giorgos Doukas
  • Despina Olympiou
  • Valanto Trifonos (Trifonos tried to represent his native Cyprus in 2006, then he tried to represent Greece in 2011)

It’s unknown when and how the song will be chosen as CyBC are yet to announce anything. Chances are that they will unveil more about the participation after the artist has been chosen.

What do you make of this? Who are you backing? Let me know by comment below!

Could the UK win Eurovision 2013??

According to the Eurovision Times, the United Kingdom is statistically set to win the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden! I’m going to explain to you how they managed to deduce the theory, using the stats provided. P.S. the article in question was posted to the Eurovision Times in June 2012, just after the Contest in Baku. So here we go:

1)  In the last 5 years, the country that won came either in the top 5 or bottom 6 in the contest  before (Russia, Norway, Azerbaijan and Sweden came in the top 5, whereas Germany came in the bottom 6). So if we take the scoreboard from Baku, that leaves us with:

  • Sweden, Azerbaijan, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Albania, United Kingdom, Malta, Denmark, Hungary, France

2) Each time Sweden hosted the Contest, a country small than it won. This now leaves:

  • Sweden, Azerbaijan, Norway,  Russia, Serbia, Albania, United Kingdom, Malta, Denmark, Hungary, France

3) For the past ten years, no country bordering the host nation has won the competition. Now that leaves:

  • Sweden, Azerbaijan, Norway Russia, Serbia, Albania, United Kingdom, Malta, Denmark , Hungary, France

4) The shortest time between two wins of the same country (in the 21st century, anyway) is, at the moment, 13 years. That gives us:

  • Sweden, Azerbaijan Norway, Russia, Serbia , Albania, United Kingdom, Malta, Denmark, Hungary, France

5) Each time the Swedes hosted the Contest, a Germanic language won the Contest. This now leaves us with:

  • Sweden, Azerbaijan, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Albania , United Kingdom, Malta, Denmark, Hungary France

6) Since the Contest in Kiev 2005, at least one colour between the host country and the winner’s flag has been mutual. So Sweden’s flag colours are blue and yellow, Malta’s flag colours are red and white and the UK’s flag colours are blue, red and white. So the winner is:

  • Sweden, Azerbaijan, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Albania, United KingdomMalta Denmark, Hungary, France

Even onto this, the Eurovision Times have added that the last year the Olympics were in Europe, the host country won Eurovision (Athens 2004, Greece wins in 2005), London 2012, UK wins in 2013??? Also, they have said that the last time the Contest was in Scandinavia (Oslo 2010), a Big Five country won (Germany).

So according to the Eurovision Times, the Eurovision will be brought back to the UK for the first time in 15 years! Congratulations United Kingdom! If you want to see the origianal post, just click on the orange words 😀

What do you think of  these stats? Are they on the ball or are they a whole mess?? Let me know!!!

Sopho Gelovani & Nodiko Tatishvili for Georgia in 2013!

First of all, I’d like to say to you all; Happy New Year to you all! Let’s make 2013 a year to remember in Eurovision!

GeorgiaWell, Georgia has decided that they will send Sopho Gelovani & Nodiko Tatishvili to Eurovision in May.According to, Georgia opted for the internal selection just to choose their artists. Details of how the song Sopho and Nodiko will sing will be chosen are to be given in due course. Georgia is now the eleventh country to choose its artist and/or song and with the national final rush starting in a couple of days, this amount will rise substantially until we know all of the singers and their songs.

Georgia débuted in 2007 with Sopho Khalvashi’s “Visionary Dream” and right off the bat, Georgia had qualified for the final. Also that year, Georgia had received their first 12 points by Lithuania and, at the end of voting, Sopho came in 12th place. Georgia came in 11th place the following year, but withdrew in 2009 after they had sent an anti-Putin entry to the Contest. They returned in 2010 and scored their first top 10 position; a respectable 9th place. They achieved the same position in Dusseldorf, but last year in Baku, Georgia failed to qualify for the final for the first time ever. Could they qualify for the final this year in Malmo? Possibly…

What do you think about GPB’s decision? Let me know by comment!