F.Y.R. Macedonia is sending Vlatko Lozanoski & Esma Redžepova!

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia or “F.Y.R. Macedonia” has chosen who will represent them in Malmo! Vlatko Lozanoski & Esma Redžepova have been selected to represent them in the Contest! Ten countries have chosen their artists and six of those have revealed their songs.

F.Y.R. Macedonia decided to choose their singer internally, rather than using the Skopje Festival. MKRTV chose Vlatko Lozanoski & Esma Redžepova. Vlatko is 27 years old and Esma is 69 years old, and they are going to sing a song that hasn’t been disclosed yet. Not even the method itself has been told to the press. But a decision will be made in 2013, just that we have no idea when (definitely before March). Good luck Macedonia!

Also, this will be my last post on Eurovision Guy in 2012! When I started the blog back in July, I never thought I’d keep the blog going this long, so I am thanking you, the readers, even if you don’t comment, thank you so much! I hope you have a very happy New Year and bring on Malmo 2013!


Two countries made up their mind!

Over the course of the Christmas period, both Albania and Ukraine have chosen who will represent them in Malmo for the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2013. The deadline for applications has been passed and thirty-nine countries will be taking part; equalling the total number of countries in the 2010 Contest, which was held by their Norwegian counterparts.

Albania – Albania chose their tenth entry on the 22nd of December through the fifty-first edition of Festival i Kenges, with seventeen acts fighting to take the role of representing Albania. Kejsi Tola, who represented Albania in 2009, was back as well to go for a second time. After the end of voting, Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko were chosen to represent them with the song “Identitet” with a total of 74 points. The song is featured below. Good luck Albania!

Ukraine – Ukraine decided to have their national final on the morning of the 23rd of December. Twenty artists were chosen to perform on the day, though one artist, Oksana Pekun ve Maxim Novytskyj, was disqualified for unspecified reasons. At the end of voting, Zlata Ognevich had won with the song “Gravity”. But earlier on today, it was rumoured that Zlata had been disqualified from representing Ukraine due to voting irregularities & fraud. These rumours have yet to be confirmed, but if she is disqualified, Dasha Mendova will take her place and she will sing the song “Don’t Wanna Be Alone”. Both songs are below. Good luck Ukraine!

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Tonight: Lithuania decides!

Lithuanian flagThe race to represent Lithuania at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest is coming to an end. For the past weeks we have been following the eliminations of the 2013 national selection in Lithuania and now the date has arrived for the final. Tonight, eight acts perform to win the right to represent Lithuania in the Eurovision in 2013!

The eight acts are:

  • Bozole – Happy And Free
  • Ieva Zasimauskaite & Gabrielius Vagelis – I Fall In Love
  • Gerai Gerai & Miss Sheep –  War In The Warderobe
  • Linas Adomaitis – I W 2night
  • Dar – JUMP!
  • Girmante Vaitkute – Time to Shine
  • Andrius Pojavis – Something
  • Monika – Baby Boy*

*Unfortunately, Monika cannot perform tonight due to laryngitis.

You can watch it right here on ESCTV! Good luck to all!

Who See goes for Montenegro!

Today, RTCG revealed who will represent Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest, and they have chosen the hip-hop band “Who See?”! Montenegro is now the sixth country to choose its artist, but details about when and how the song will be chosen haven’t been given yet.

“Who See?” is a duo made up of Dedduh (Dejan Dedović) and Noyz (Mario Đorđević). They have been on the music scene for over 10 years! But the question is: Can they take Montenegro to the final? Montenegro hasn’t reached the final in all their 4 attempts but have come close; coming in 11th place in 2009. This year, Rambo Amadeus came in 15th place in the semi-final, so maybe the duo can do what the Montenegrin fans have longed for!

Since Montenegro became an independent state in 2006, Montenegro has continuously taken part in the Contest. The country made its solo debut in the 2007 contest and so far, only managing poor results without qualifying for the final. In 2009, the country saw its best result to date, with an 11th place in the first semi-final, but it still was not  enough to secure them a place in the final. The country withdrew in 2010 for financial reasons and didn’t return until 2012, where Rambo Amadeus sang “Euro Neuro” and came in 15th place.

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El Sueño de Morfeo for Spain!

Today, Spain has revealed who will represent them in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in May and they have chosen the band “El Sueño de Morfeo”!

Not a lot has been revealed in the way of their song, but it’s been confirmed that it will be chosen by public some time in 2013. In some ways, it’s a bit like how Belgium prepared for the Eurovision; they picked the singer early on, and then choosing the song closer to the contest. More about when the song will be chosen will be given in due course.


Stay tuned to Eurovision Guy for more info about the Spanish participation! But what’s your opinion?? Let me know below!

“Love Kills” for Belgium!

The Belgian public has made its mind up, they will send the song “Love Kills” to Eurovision! The song will be sung by Roberto Bellarosa, who was chosen to represent his home country some time ago.


The national selection started at 10:30 CET, where the show was broadcast on radio and to let the public decide which song Bellarosa would sing in Sweden. There were three songs to choose from:

  • Love Kills
  • Reste Toi
  • Be Heroes

The show was also streamed onto the official BTRF website. The show ran from 10:30 – 13:00 CET (It’s just over!) and the Belgian public chose Love Kills to send to Malmo! Good luck Roberto!!!


Do you like Love Kills?? Let us know below!!

Heilsarmee goes to Eurovision!!!

The Swiss have made up there mind!  They have chosen Heilsarmee to represent them in the 58th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden! Congratulations, or should I say Glückwünsche, Heilsarmee!!

To know how the selection works, you can read my previous post explaining it all.

The Swiss public were the ultimate decision makers tonight and they had to choose between nine acts to represent their home country in May. Also, last year’s representative, Sinplus, performed their new song Turn On the Lights. Then, the results were announced. First, the top-three were announced: Heilsarmee, Carrousel and Jesse Ritch. In the end, Heilsarmee got the ticket to represent Switzerland in Malmo!

Heilsarmee, at the same time, broke a Eurovision record. The band’s oldest member is 94 years old, beating Natalya Pugachyova (the mini Babushka from last year to the unknown), and so will be the oldest ever person to grace the Eurovision stage. It was obvious that he was having a good time at the show, maybe he’ll love the Eurovision!

What’s your opinion of Heilsarmee and the song? Let me know below!

Tonight: Swiss national final!

Tonight, the Swiss will choose who they will send to represent them in Sweden in May. Nine entries will battle it out until one song is left. Some of the entries include a French song, an Italian lullaby, a joke entry and a band with a 94-year-old musician!

All nine acts have already had a small victory; as Switzerland is a multi-lingual country, the three main broadcasters have each organised a regional pre-selection heat. The best nine have therefore reached the ultimate national selection: Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow (“The Big Decision” to English speakers). In the final tonight, there will be an international jury, dubbed the “Europa Panel”, that will judge the performers after they’ve  sung. The panel consists of a German, a Swede, a Turk, an Italian and a Serb. But the actual choice of deciding the Swiss entrant will remain within the hands of the Swiss public.

The line-up of tonight’s performance is as follows:

  • Ally – Catch Me
  • Chiara Dubey – Bella Sera
  • Carrousel – J’avais rendez-vous
  • Anthony Bighead – Do the Monkey
  • Heilsarmee – You and Me (Hopefully not Joan Franka’s song!)
  • Nill Klemm – On My Way
  • Melissa – The Point of No Return
  • Nicolas Frassinet – Léve-toi
  • Jesse Ritch – Forever & A Day

If you want to watch the national final, you can watch it at 20:05 CET tonight!

Who will represent Switzerland?? Tell me below!

Turkey and Bosnia withdraw!!!

Within just a few hours, two countries have withdrawn from participation! They are Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Reasons why are below. But with two more countries withdrawing, it looks like next Contest could be the smallest one since neighbours Norway hosted it 2010. Greece is the only country which is still unsure of whether to participate or not.

Turkey: According to the official website, the Turkish broadcaster, TRT, has confirmed that the country wont be taking part in Malmo. TRT’s general director confirmed the news on the broadcasters official website this afternoon stating:

TRT has decided not to participate in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in a decision made by us today.

It has also been announced from a source close to TRT that prior to today’s announcement, they were in final negotiations with pop singer Aynur Aydin.  These discussions have now come to a close. (Source: escxtra.com)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Klix.ba confirmed that head of the delegation of Bosnia and Herzegovina at Eurovision, Lejla A. Babovic, the country this year will not have a representative at the competition. The reason for this decision is a difficult economic situation not only at BHRT, but also throughout the whole country. Babović stated:

It is clear that the economic situation is extremely difficult, and we have more people who have nothing to eat. So we decided it would be wise to skip this year, participation in the Eurovision Song Contest and the means for us to spend invest in something else.

Even with this, RTRS, a Republika Srpska broadcaster, wishes to send an entry on behalf of the whole country. More on the story here.

So now with Turkey, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovnia, Poland and Portugal not taking part, thirty-eight countries or so are still confirmed.

What’s your opinion on all these developments???

Alyona Lanskaya to represent Belarus!

Belarus has made its mind up! BTRC and the Belarussian public have chosen Alyona Lanskaya to represent Belarus in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest! She previously had won the right to represent her country the year before, but was disqualified due to vote rigging.

Ten entrants were fighting to win the honour of representing Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest tonight. Their performances provided a great range of musical styles – from rock to latin pop – and entertaining stage acts: Dariya’s entry reminded of the 1920s, Beaver Band presented a funny ethnic song, and one of the band members of Nuteki was even lifted above the stage on a rope while a backing artist in a metal costume was walking on stilts!

In the end, a joint decision of a professional jury and the televoting public led to the winning act to go on to represent Belarus in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, and Alyona Lanskaya came out on top with her energetic song, Rhythm of Love.

Below is the Belarussian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, and I have an inkling that the audience will be “dancing along to the rhythm of love”!

What do you think???