Portugal back in the Contest?

Despite the country confirming its withdrawal only a matter of days ago, Portugal’s national broadcaster, RTP, can still negotiate with the EBU on the current status for the upcoming Contest, which is fast approaching.  They are looking for a way that Portugal can still take part, but also that it won’t affect the national budget that much.

Furthermore, the same inside source has said that the broadcaster still has time to remain its current position or reverse the decision and choose to participate. Although, RTP will have until the 15th of December to make its mind up.

Portugal is the longest participating country that hasn’t won the Contest, or even reach the top five positions, with their best position being 6th place in 1996. But the country has had more than their fair share of bad results, coming in last place three times, and in the last two years, Portugal hasn’t even reached the final, coming in 18th place and 13th place respectively.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel for Portugal?  And how do you think they’ll do?


Eurovision Update: Europe has “Made Its Mind Up”!

The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmo is getting closer by the day, and the total number of countries has reached the record as it was in Baku. Forty-two countries have confirmed participation in Malmo, though the deadline is less than a month away.The forty-two countries confirmed are:

Albania (RTSH)                                                                Israel (IBA)

Armenia (ARMTV)                                                       Italy (RAI)

Austria (ORF)                                                                   Latvia (LTV)

Azerbaijan (İTV)                                                           Lithuania (LRT)

Belarus (BTRC)                                                                Malta (PBS)

Belgium (VRT)                                                                Moldova (TRM)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHRT)                              Montenegro (RTCG)

Bulgaria (BNT)                                                                Netherlands (TROS)

Croatia (HRT)                                                                  Norway (NRK)

Cyprus (CyBC)                                                                Romania (TVR)

Denmark (DR)                                                                 Russia (Channel One)

Estonia (ETV)                                                                San Marino (SMRTV)

Finland (YLE)                                                                  Serbia (RTS)

France (France 3)                                                                  Slovakia (STV)

F.Y.R. Macedonia (MKRTV)                                  Slovenia (RTV SLO)

Georgia (GPB)                                                                       Spain (TVE)

Germany (ARD)                                                             Sweden (SVT)

Greece (ERT)                                                           Switzerland (SRG SSR)

Hungary (MTV)                                                           Turkey (TRT)

Iceland (RÚV)                                                            Ukraine (NTU)

 Ireland (RTÉ)                                                         United Kingdom (BBC)

Portugal and Poland have also said today that they will withdraw from the competition.

Who’s gonna take the glass trophy? Let us know by comments!

Belgium sends Roberto Bellarosa to Malmo!

Today, it’s been confirmed that the Low country is sending 17-year-old Roberto Bellarosa to represent them in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmo! Belgium is only the second country to reveal their participant for the upcoming Contest, the other being their neighbour, the Netherlands, who chose to send Anouk to Sweden in May.

Bellarosa has recently won the Belgian version of “The Voice”, the show that gave us Joan Franka (Netherlands 2012), and has also released an album. But RTBF have given the choice to the viewers to what song he will sing next year in the Malmo Arena. There will be a press conference to explain everything more in detail this coming Tuesday.


How do you think Roberto will do? Reply!

San Marino more than likely participates in Malmo!

Esctoday.com today has said that the micro-state is more than likely going to take part in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo. Forty-one countries are now taking part, and now it’s looking like the participation record might be broken, with only Poland, Portugal and Montenegro left to confirm.


Esctoday.com hasn’t given any other information to the Sammarinese participation, though more information will be given within due course.


San Marino’s brief time in the competition hasn’t been very fortunate, with the country failing to reach to final every time. When they débuted, San Marino came 43rd of 43 with having only received 5 points. Then, in 2011, they returned after a two year break and, once again, failed to reach the final, but still managed to be the best result, coming in 15th place in the semi-final. This year, San Marino sent, arguably, the most controversial song in the whole competition; a song about Facebook. The EBU ordered SMRTV to change the lyrics or change the song otherwise they would be disqualified. Luckily, they changed the lyrics and achieved their best result to date, 14th place in the semi-final. They have yet to reach the final, let alone win the whole Contest.


What’s your opinion on this news? Let me know by comments!

Greece goes to Malmo!

After some doubts to the countries participation, ERT has confirmed that Greece will be taking part in the upcoming Eurovision in Sweden! Forty countries have now confirmed participation in Malmo, with only 4 more countries left to confirm before December’s deadline.

Upon esctoday.com’s  article regarding the confirmation of the participation of Greece in the upcoming Contest in May, the Greek branch of OGAE crossed this information with ERT and received the answer that Greece officially will take part in the competition, having already submitted the application to participate in the EBU. The way the particpant will be selected to represent the country is not yet known, but it became clear that all costs of the selection process will be given by an individual donor .

In the last decade, Greece had reached the top 10 every year, until 2012, when Eleftheria Eleftheriou only managed to reach 17th place with her not-so-effective “Aphrodisiac”.

What’s your take on this?

LTV announces national final!

LTV has now started calling for songs for the Latvian National Selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2013. The submission deadline is November 30, 2012. Like in previous years, LTV will present several novelties in national selection.

“There is not a single doubt about the necessity of Eurovision as one of the most spectacular and the most viewed TV shows. The viewer ratings, the musicians’ involvement as well as the public interest in the show prove it. However the show has to advance not only on a professional level but also by becoming more attractive to the audiences and by changing the overall opinions and attitudes towards the contest”, Edgars Kots pointed out.

Zita Kaminska, known to most as Head of Delegation for Latvia, has been appointed as the producer of the event, “In numerous countries the national selections have a set up where the singing and getting together in a way takes over the competition. Latvia has an incredible experience in singing festivals and events, and, to my mind, it is about time to transfer this feeling of togetherness and enthusiasm to the popular music events as well. That is the main reason to change the format and even the name of the National Selection.”Any interested artists can submit a song until November 30. No more than two songs are allowed to be handed in by a songwriter. The National Selection welcomes the songs penned by foreign authors although the performer must be from Latvia. The songwriters entering the national selection are not allowed to submit the same song to national selections in other countries.

The jury of experts designed by LTV will select 24 songs in the pre-selection round to compete in two semi-finals. Those songs will be announced at LTV press conference on December 11.

The semi-finals are scheduled on February 8 and February 9 as live shows with audience. Six songs from each semi-final will proceed to the final. Jury and the televote have equal power and right to decide. The final of the National Selection is taking place on February 16 in Ventspils theatre house “Juras Varti”. The jury and televote in a proportion 50:50 will select the winners through the final and grand finale.

The National Selection of Eurovision Song Contest is organised in a co-operation with Ventspils town and Ventspils Development Agency that have been generously supporting the event for thirteen years already.

What’s your take on this news?