Eurovision Update: 4 more countries left to confirm.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmo is fast approaching, and the total number of countries confirmed is getting ever higher. Thirty-nine countries have confirmed participation in Malmo, though the deadline is just over two months away. Four countries have heeded this and have given no confirmation to whether they shall do the same.

The thirty-nine countries confirmed are:

Albania (RTSH)                                                               Ireland (RTÉ)

Armenia (ARMTV)                                                        Israel (IBA)

Austria (ORF)                                                                   Italy (RAI)

Azerbaijan (İTV)                                                           Latvia (LTV)

Belarus (BTRC)                                                                Lithuania (LRT)

Belgium (VRT)                                                                Malta (PBS)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHRT)                              Moldova (TRM)

Bulgaria (BNT)                                                                Netherlands (TROS)

Croatia (HRT)                                                                  Norway (NRK)

Cyprus (CyBC)                                                                Romania (TVR)

Denmark (DR)                                                                 Russia (Channel One)

Estonia (ETV)                                                                  Serbia (RTS)

Finland (YLE)                                                                Slovakia (STV)

France (France 3)                                                        Slovenia (RTV SLO)

F.Y.R. Macedonia (MKRTV)                                 Spain (TVE)

Georgia (GPB)                                                                 Sweden (SVT)

Germany (ARD)                                                           Switzerland (SRG SSR)

Hungary (MTV)                                                           Turkey (TRT)

Iceland (RÚV)                                                            Ukraine (NTU)

                                                                                            United Kingdom (BBC)

The four countries that were in Baku, but haven’t confirmed participation are:

Greece (ERT)                                  Montenegro (RTCG)

Portugal (RTP)                              San Marino (SMRTV)

Even with these, we are expecting Poland to return the Contest after a years break, though as I said in the previous post, this is now disputed.

Who’s gonna take the glass trophy? Let us know by comments!


Cyprus to go to Malmo!

Cyprus is going to Malmo! CyBC confirmed to that they will be taking part in Sweden next year. Thirty-nine countries are now officially confirmed for Sweden, with only Portugal, Montenegro, San Marino, Greece and possibly Poland left to make their minds up.

There were some doubts to whether the “Island of Love” would be taking part, due to budget cuts from the Cypriot government, so we were not so sure that CyBC would give the money that would fund participation. But as the news came in today, we were reassured that they will be taking part.

Cyprus debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981 and is yet to win the Contest. Cyprus’ best placing at the contest has been a 5th placing in 1982, 1997, and 2004, but their worst placing was in 1986. Since the introduction of the semi-finals, Cyprus has been in the final only four times; 2004, 2005, 2010 and 2012. To date, Cyprus has only missed two Contests; in 1988 and 2001.

Who will be Ivi Adamou’s successor and take the Contest to Nicosia? Let me know via comments!

Is Poland taking part?

Since late September,  Polands participation in next year’s Eurovision has been thrown back and forth, but TVP said that confirmation will be given in October. But with the end of October only a couple of days away, Poland still hasn’t given a signal to whether they will be taking part. So I ask the question; Is Poland taking part?

TVP confirmed to on the 30th September that Poland will return to the Contest after a years break. But as October began, TVP claimed that this was not true and said that a decision will be given at the end of the month. At the time of publishing, there are three days of October left and TVP have not given any indication to participation. But, in my opinion, it is more than likely that Poland will take part in Eurovision 2013.

Surprisingly, Poland was forced to withdraw in 2000 when they finished in the bottom five places in Jerusalem the year before. They were also forced to withdraw in 2002 due to same reason as in 2000. Poland’s best scoring entrant was their débutant in Dublin in 1994. They scored a second place. Since the introduction of the semi-finals, Poland has only managed to reach the final twice; 2004 and 2008. They have yet to win the Contest.

What’s your take on this?

Gina and Danny to host Melodifestivalen!

While all us Eurovision fans are eager to know who will host the Contest in Sweden, it’s been confirmed today that Melodifestivalen 2013 will be hosted by Danny Saucedo and Gina Dirawi!

Melodifestivalen has grown immensely over the years and is now one of Sweden’s most watched shows. It brings in most of the Swedish population, as well as choosing the Swedish entry, so no wonder it must be a privilege to host such a prestigious event. In most cases, a television show would be hosted by a well established TV personality, singer, maybe even an artist who took part in past editions, i.e.  in Ireland, TV host Ryan Tubirdy hosts our national selection.

But, hosting a TV show can start your career, as was the case of 21-year-old blogger Gina Dirawi. Before hosting Melodifestivalen, she was mostly know for her blog. But know she is one of Sweden’s most known presenters. But she won’t be re-hosting it alone! She’ll be accompanied by a familiar face to Melodifestivalen. 26- year – old Danny Saucedo has taken part in Melodifestivalen many times, both as a solo artist and in a group by the name of E.M.D. and for the past two years he’s come second to the winner. In 2011, he lost out to Eric Saade and this year, he missed out to Loreen who would late go on to win the Eurovision! Gina and Danny are youngest people ever to be left in charge of hosting Melodifestivalen!

More news will be released soon. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, so get your tickets!

Three of the Big Six confirmed!

Today, the remaining three of the powerful “Big Six” have confirmed that they shall be in Malmo. Now that these countries are in, the Big Six is complete. Italy, France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and the host, Sweden, will be in the Eurovision, along with the other thirty-two semi-finalists.

France and Spain: For some reason, eurovisiontimes have said that France and Spain have confirmed. But there are two major flaws; they have no proof that they did confirm i.e. a news article, and as well as that, they haven’t included other countries that have confirmed i.e. Russia, Azerbaijan, Croatia etc. But as Wikipedia has included them in the articles, I might as well  take their word.

Italy: According to escxtra, Italy are definitely confirmed for next years ESC. RAI were supposed to official relese the information within the week, however the news surfaced before then. In regard to the way Italy will choose their next entry, that is yet to be decided. Many speculate the Sanremo Festival will remain the Italian national final, though RAI haven’t announced anything. ‘The Voice’ won’t be able to be the method this year as it isn’t scheduled to finish till March.

What’s your take on the news? 

F.Y.R. Macedonia confirms participation in Malmo!

A couple of days ago, MKRTV, F.Y.R. Macedonia’s national broadcaster, confirmed that the Balkan country will take pat in Malmo in 2013! Thirty- five countries (or thity-seven if you think France and Spain are confirmed) are now confirmed to be taking part.

MKRTV gave the confirmation on Friday, but local media have said that more information about the national final will be given at the month. Some speculate it will be Skopje Fest, which, until 2011, was the national final. In 2012, MKRTV internally selected Kaliopi and thus separated the Eurovision with the Skopje Fest, saying that it encourage newer artists to participate.

Who will represent Macedonia? Let me know by comments!

Anouk to represent the Netherlands!

Today it was confirmed that Anouk will represent the Netherlands in Malmo for the Eurovision Song Contest! Anouk is the first competitor to be chosen for the Contest, but we won’t know the song she will sing until February.

Earlier today she posted a video message confirming what many had speculated for a long time; that she will be representing the Netherlands at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö next year.

Anouk, 37, is no stranger to the Dutch and Belgian music scene as she has released eight albums during her career. Her biggest hit was “Nobody’s Wife” in 1997, where it topped the charts in several European countries.

With regard to the song, Dutch broadcaster, TROS, have promised that they will have a song, accompanied with an official video by February, and subsequently, there will be no national final.

Could Anouk do the impossible? Give me your opinions!

Latvia to be in Malmo!

A couple of days ago,  Zita Kaminska, the Head of Delegation for Latvia, confirmed that the Baltic country will be participating in Malmo!

LTV will use the usual method of choosing the performer, Eirodziesma. More rules about the national final will be unveiled with the rest of the year.

So, adding Latvia to the list of confirmed countries, it brings the total up to thirty-six. Poland still has to make up its mind on whether to participate or not, but this is expected sometime during the month.

Latvia won the Eurovision Song Contest in Tallinn, Estonia in 2002 with Marie N’s “I Wanna” (It’s a surprise she won, as “I Wanna” was the biggest flop in Eurovision history!), and to be honest, they haven’t been sending the right songs since 2008. 2008 was when pirates were sent (they probably hijacked the national final), 2009 was the year of the “traffic jam (Probka)” , 2010 was when Latvia asked “What For?” and didn’t get an answer as it was so blindingly obvious, 2011 was about an “Angel In Disguise” and it was so in disguise that it didn’t offer any help and in 2012, Anmary made every who was born pre-1980 feel very, very old with her not-so-“Beautiful Song”.

Who could take the Contest back to Riga? Let me know by comments!

Eurovision Update: 35 countries confirmed… but it’s changing!

With just over seven months till the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmo, the total number of countries confirmed is already very high. Thirty-five to thrity-six countries have said that they will send someone to Sweden, but with deadline still a fair bit away, that could quickly change.

The thirty-five countries confirmed are:

Albania (RTSH)                                                               Ireland (RTÉ)

Armenia (ARMTV)                                                        Israel (IBA)

Austria (ORF)                                                                   Lithuania (LRT)

Azerbaijan (İTV)                                                           Malta (PBS)

Belarus (BTRC)                                                                Moldova (TRM)

Belgium (VRT)                                                                Netherlands (TROS)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHRT)                              Norway (NRK)

Bulgaria (BNT)                                                                Romania (TVR)

Croatia (HRT)                                                                   Russia (Channel One)

Denmark (DR)                                                                 Serbia (RTS)

Estonia (ETV)                                                                  Slovakia (STV)

Finland (YLE)                                                                Slovenia (RTV SLO)

France (France 3)                                                        Spain (TVE)

Georgia (GPB)                                                                 Sweden (SVT)

Germany (ARD)                                                           Switzerland (SRG SSR)

Hungary (MTV)                                                           Turkey (TRT)

Iceland (RÚV)                                                              United Kingdom (BBC)

Ukraine (NTU)

The countries that were in Baku, but haven’t confirmed participation are:

Cyprus (CyBC)                                                              Greece (ERT)

Italy (RAI)                                                                      Latvia (LTV)

F.Y.R. Macedonia (MKRTV)                                         Montenegro (RTCG)

Portugal (RTP)                                                             San Marino (SMRTV)

Poland‘s decision of participation still undecided, with many Eurovision fan sites (including this one) reporting that they know that Poland is taking part, but the official desicion will be announced during this month

Who’s gonna take the glass trophy? Let us know by comments!

NTU calling for songs

Today, NTU, the national broadcaster of Ukraine, started asking people to send in their entries for taking part in the national selection. All interested artists must send in their songs to Kyiv by the 22nd of December, otherwise their song won’t be accepted.

This year, seven people will form a jury who will listen to every entry and the choose the top twenty choices from the entries to form the national final. The winner will be selected by a combination of  tele-voting and the jury points, just like you would do in the Eurovision itself. But unlike last year, NTU won’t grant wildcards to any additional artists who want to perform in the national final.

Who would you like to see represent Ukraine in Malmo? Let me know by comment below!