Poland will return to Eurovision next year!

After an absence of one year for scheduling reasons, Poland has confirmed that they will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013! After adding Poland to the list of confirmed countries, it brings the total to thirty-six! Welcome back Poland!

TVP confirmed to escsweden.com that Poland will return to the Contest after a years break. They didn’t take part in Azerbaijan because TVP gave priority to the European Football Championships when they hosted it with the Ukraine, and also gave priority to the Olympics in London. But next year, Poland confirmed that they will send a representative to sing in Malmö.

Surprisingly, Poland was forced to withdraw in 2000 when they finished in the bottom five places in Jerusalem the year before. They were also forced to withdraw in 2002 due to same reason as in 2000. Poland’s best scoring entrant was their débutant in Dublin in 1994. They scored a second place. Since the introduction of the semi-finals, Poland has only managed to reach the final twice; 2004 and 2008. They have yet to win the Contest.

Who will take the contest to Warsaw? Give me your opinion! 🙂


Ukraine to be in Malmo!

Today, the national boradcaster of Ukraine, NTU, informed esctoday.com that the “breadbasket of Europe” will more than likely be in the fifty-eighth version of the Contest in Malmo! With Ukraine added to the list of countries confirmed, it brings the total to thirty-five.

The method NTU will opt for concerning the determination of the singer and song isn’t known yet. An official confirmation of participation is expected in due course.

Ukraine has a very good track record when it comes to Eurovision. Since the introduction of semi-finals in 2004, Ukraine has been in the final every year. They scored their one and so far only victory in 2004 with Ruslana and “Wild Dances” and two second places in 2007 and 2008. This year, they came in 15th place with Gaitana’s “Be My Guest”.

Who could take the Contest back to Kyiv? Let me know by comment!

Eurovision Update: 34 countries are in…. so far!

With less than eight months to go till the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmo, the total number of countries confirmed is already very high. Thirty-four countries have said that they will send someone to Sweden, but the deadline is still a fair bit away. Ten countries that were in Azerbaijan this year have yet to confirm participation.

The thirty-four countries confirmed are:

Albania (RTSH)                                                               Ireland (RTÉ)

Armenia (ARMTV)                                                        Israel (IBA)

Austria (ORF)                                                                   Lithuania (LRT)

Azerbaijan (İTV)                                                           Malta (PBS)

Belarus (BTRC)                                                                Moldova (TRM)

Belgium (VRT)                                                                Netherlands (TROS)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHRT)                              Norway (NRK)

Bulgaria (BNT)                                                                Romania (TVR)

Croatia (HRT)                                                                   Russia (Channel One)

Denmark (DR)                                                                 Serbia (RTS)

Estonia (ETV)                                                                  Slovakia (STV)

Finland (YLE)                                                                Slovenia (RTV SLO)

France (France 3)                                                        Spain (TVE)

Georgia (GPB)                                                                 Sweden (SVT)

Germany (ARD)                                                           Switzerland (SRG SSR)

Hungary (MTV)                                                           Turkey (TRT)

Iceland (RÚV)                                                              United Kingdom (BBC)

The ten countries that were in Baku, but haven’t confirmed participation are:

Cyprus (CyBC)                                                              Greece (ERT)

Italy (RAI)                                                                      Latvia (LTV)

F.Y.R. Macedonia (MKRTV)                                         Montenegro (RTCG)

Portugal (RTP)                                                             San Marino (SMRTV)

Ukraine (NTU)

Even with these, we are expecting Poland to return the Contest after a years break.

Who’s gonna take the glass trophy? Let us know by comments!

Azerbaijan will go to Malmo!

Today,  Ictimai Television, Azerbaijan’s national broadcaster, confirmed to esctoday.com that the country will be in Malmo. Adding Azerbaijan to the total number of countries confirmed, thirty-four countries have said they will be in Sweden.

Ictimai has said that the national final will more than likely be what it was this year, or last Eurovision year. So the Azerjabani (PUN INTENDED) performer(s) will more than likely be selected through “Milli Secim Turu”.

Azerbaijan’s Eurovsion history is a good one. They are one of the very few that have stayed in the top 10  since the débuted in 2008 with “Day After Day” by Elnur and Samir, reaching a respectable 8th place. The next year the Middle Eastern country came in 3rd place! In 2010, they came in 5th place.

But their crown and glory came in 2011, when Eldar and Nigar won the Contest in Dusseldorf with “Running Scared”. With this victory, they held the right to hold in the country’s capital, Baku in 2012. Through “Milli Secim Turu”, they selected Sabina Babayeva with “When the Music Dies”. The home country finished in a very good 4th placing.

Who could take the Contest back to Baku? Let us know!

Guy’s Choice: Sweden

God kvall!  In the third installment of the the series of “Guy’s Choice”, I choose to pick my top three candidates to represent the home country, Sweden.

Sweden is one of the bourgeois countries for placing, from not qualifying for the final two years ago to winning the Contest this year with Loreen’s “Euphoria”. The country is the best in Scandinavia when comes to winning the Eurovision Song Contest, with the country winning it five times and the rest ranging from one to three wins.

Here’s the top three!

3. Christer Sjögren

The only reason I put him here is because he entered Melodifestivalen 2008 with one of the cheesiest songs ever; “I Love Europe!”. Even though the song was cheesy, he song it really good.  I’d liked to have seen him in Belgrade instead of Charlotte Pirelli but with Christer having Charlotte’s song. He could be there, but probably not.

2. Molly Sandén

Molly entered Melodifestivalen last year with the ballad “Why Am I Crying?” and came in fourth place! She is a very gifted singer, who JESC fans may remember her, as she represented Sweden in the Junior version in 2006. If she re-applied to Melodifestivalen, she would do well, as she is popular with the Swedish people. She would have a good chance of being in the top 10! Good luck.

And my number one for Sverige is…. (so predictable)

1. Loreen Talhaoui

Or by her full name; Lorine Zeineb Nora Talhaoui.  I genuinely believe she good do a Johnny Logan (win it twice, for those who don’t know who he is)! Just look how popular “Euphoria” was around Europe! No. 1 in Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Germany, Luxembourg, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Spain and Switzerland! Her long hair is also like her trademark. She’s gonna be releasing her new album,  Healed, in October. If she doesn’t get to sing for Sweden, I hope she hosts the Contest with Sarah Dawn Finer and Måns Zelmerlöw.

Who’s you’re favourite Swedish singer? Lemme know by comment below!

Georgia and Moldova are in Malmo!

Today, esctoday.com received confirmation that Georgia and Moldova are going to participate in Malmo! With those countries added to the list, it now brings the total number of countries confirmed for Sweden is thirty-three. On the right is a map of the confirmed countries… 

1. Georgia

Today, esctoday.com confirmed that they received confirmation from Georgia’s national broadcaster, GPB, that the Caucasian country will be in Malmo . Though esctoday.com has no other important information on the topic, I will keep you informed on the situation.

2. Moldova

Also today, esctoday.com posted that they were informed that TRM, Moldova’s national broadcaster, confirmed participation in Sweden. TRM haven’t said what the method of choosing Moldova’s next performer will be, but will come in time.

So as I said before, the total number of countries confirmed to be in Malmo is thirty-three. If eleven more countries confirm participation, it will be a new record for the number countries taking part, with forty-three still the record to beat currently being held by both the 2008 and 2011 Contests.

Who would take these countries to victory? Let me know by comment below!

Three more countries are going to be in Malmo!

Within a couple of days, we have discovered that three more countries will be in Sweden for the Eurovision. They are: Slovakia, Malta and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

1. Slovakia

Two days ago, STV informed esctoday.com that Slovakia will “more than likely” be in Malmo next year, though official confirmation will be given in due course. STV said that they are all ready for the Contest in the Malmo Arena. The broadcaster recently elected a new Director General is now awaiting for his approval and confirmation of participation in Sweden. The method for choosing the next entrant hasn’t been disclosed yet but we are waiting patiently.

2. Malta

Yesterday, PBS informed and confirmed to esctoday.com (again? How do they know all the contact details for all the broadcasters?)  that Malta will be competing in the Contest. The rules of how to compete have been published and not much else has been said.

3. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Two days ago, BHRT’s Head of Entertainment and Music, Dejan Kukrić (who Melodifestivalen fans may know as he presented Bosnia’s votes in the festival in 2012) informed, one guess… ESCTODAY.COM, that Bosnia and Herzegovina intends be in the Contest, thus making them “more than likely” to be in Malmo. Official confirmation will be given soon. The process for choosing the singer or singers hasn’t been decided yet.

So now, with these developments added, thirty-one countries are going to Sweden!

Who would you want singing for these countries? Leave a comment below!

Russia will be in Malmo!

Yesterday, eurovision-fr.net received confirmation that Russia will in the fifty-eighth version of the Contest. This brings the total amount of countries confirmed to twenty-eight.

For a few years, the two main broacasters, Channel Russia and Channel One, have been sharing the rights to broadcast the semi-finals and the final. But this year, Channel One has the role of choosing the Russian singer(s) for Malmo. No information has been released about how the representative will be chosen, but some of the information will be released, probably, in the next few weeks.

Russia is the largest country to ever take part in Eurovision! They débuted in 1994 and came in a respectable 9th place. They won the contest in 2008 with the OK song “Believe” which scored 272 points. They then hosted one of the largest Contests in the history of Euovision! Last Eurovision year, the Buranovskiye Babushki (or the “Russian grannies” to others) came in 2nd place! Maybe, the next people to represent Russia will take the trophy home to Moscow for the second time!

Who do you think could do it? Leave a comment below!

Guy’s Choice: Germany

Guten Abend! In the second edition of Guy’s Choice, I decided to give this edition to a relatively new winner.. Germany!


Germany has participated in every Eurovision Song Contest bar 1996, when they missed out on getting in. But they have won the competition twice; in 1982 with “Ein Bisschen Frieden” by Nicole and 2010 with “Satellite” by the unforgettable Lena (Meyer-Landrut). After Lena winning in Oslo, Germany have had good placings, with “Taken By A Stranger” and “Standing Still” coming in 10th and 8th place respectively.


One thing is for sure in my opinion, the national final, “Unser Star für…”, has to stay. It produced Roman Lob and Lena and now they have very good careers. But if they did choose to select internally, these would be my top three artists.


3. Jan Delay

Delay is, and I quote Stefan Raab, “the man with the Unforgettable voice”.  When Eurovision was in Düsseldorf in 2011, Jan performed as the interval act during the final. He sang “Oh Johnny” and “Klar” at the Esprit Arena (a.k.a. the Düsseldorf Arena to Eurovision fans). He is a very good singer and it is true that he does have an unforgettable voice, as I saw him singing in the Arena, his voice was echoing all over the place. I would genuinely like to see him represent Germany in Malmo.



2. Nena


Nena is probably most known around the music world for singing “99 Red Balloons” or in the original song’s language: “99 Luftballons” back in 1983. She later became one of Germany’s largest musicians on the German pop scene. In 2011, Nena did a song with fellow Germans, Die Atzen, called “Strobo Pop”. The song reached No. 14 in Germany and No.10 in Austria. She also is a good singer and that also would be cool to see her in Malmo.




And who could get number one in my choice but…..


1. Lena Meyer-Landrut

I love this girl! I still can’t believe she’s only 21. Imagine her winning for Germany again with her “British accent” and now auburn hair! Since coming in 10th place in Düsseldorf, Lena has won many awards and been nominated for more. From winning her first “COMET Award” to getting nominated for the Best Worldwide Act, she has been nominated for many accolades. She released a new album called “Stardust” and the first song being called the same name. In October, she’ll be singing the opening theme for the German version of Sesame Street!  

When you click this link, you’ll be taken to The Official Video for “Stardust”



What do you think? Leave a comment or post in the poll!

Belgium to be in Malmo (and the next host city)!

In late August, a Czech website had reported that Belgium will be in the Eurovision Song Contest for the next TWO years.  After some verification, it is true! Belgium is in the Eurovision Song Contest next year!

The website says that a national selection will determine the next Belgian representative, though it’s undisclosed which selection process will be used to pick such contestant. It also says that the last contestant to get through to the Eurovision via a national final was Witloof Bay who represented Belgium in Dusseldorf in 2011, just missing out on getting into the final, placing in 11th place with a difference of just one point.

But already before the winner of next year’s Contest is found out, Belgium’s national broadcaster,VRT, have confirmed participation for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014! But not a lot of information has been released on that either. Though VRT commentator, André Vermeulen, has said that:

By 2014, VRT will surprise us with a very good singer and song, and Belgium will have a good chance in Eurovision 2014.

So, after this information, Eurovision 2013 now has twenty-seven countries confirmed and the first indirectly confirmed country in 2014!

For those who want to have a look at the page, here is the link: http://eurocontest.cz/headline/zajimavosti/item/1884-belgick%C3%A1-vrt-uva%C5%BEuje-pro-eurovizi-2014-o-zm%C4%9Bn%C4%9B-v%C3%BDb%C4%9Bru-interpreta

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