Italy to (possibly) be in Malmö!

Today, has posted that preparations of the Sanremo  Festival had begun. They said that even though the Italian broadcaster, RAI, had not confirmed neither participation or the selection process;  the possible representative would  probably be selected through the Festival.

They have said the Festival will run for five consecutive nights and the contestants competing in the shows will have the chance to sing

The possible selection of Italy’s next entrant!

two songs instead of the usual one. Then, a combination of public votes and jury votes will determine which artist and song will progress to the final on Saturday. Then the same process of voting will choose Italy’s possible entry to Malmö.

Italy was one of the first seven countries to ever compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. They won the Contest in 1964 and 1990, with a few of their entries going down in Eurovision history; with 1958’s Italian entry gaining the title of the “Best Known Italian Eurovision Song”. If you know your stuff, yo’ll know it’s “Vooooooolare! Woooooh!” They withdrew in 1995 and returned the next year; but withdrew again 1997 without any reason, but returned again in 2011 with Raphael Gualazzi and score an amazing second place! Nina Zilli represented Italy this year and came in a very respectable 10th place.

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Turkey’s back, but Cyprus still undecided

So Turkey is going to be back in Malmö, but Cyprus is still yet to deliver an affirmative or negative answer for participation.

Turkey  had originally planned to take part in Malmö, but TRT’s Director General had said:

“There is clearly block voting between some countries. I knew Sweden was going to come first. It’s not a contest- it is a show- if the winner is obviously known all along. We should put forward the idea of withdrawal as an alternative”.

But today, the country re-confirmed participation and will be back in Malmö. Let’s hope they don’t change their mind again.

Cyprus on the other hand, has still to decide whether they will be in Sweden next year. Taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest means paying a rather large fee. In the past, some countries have had to withdraw due the expense of participating. Some Cypriot politicians have complained that taking part next year would leave little budget  for other shows. Though costs were considerably reduced when CyBC internally selected Ivi Adamou this year.

So the total number of countries confirmed in 2013 has been brought up to twenty-six. Should Cyprus participate? Leave a comment!

A new way to choose Israel’s next entry!

IBA, the Israeli broadcatser, stated on the 14th of August that there will be a new way of choosing the next entry from the Middle Eastern state.

A new national final is planned where 30 artists compete in three semi-finals; that 10 per semi if you did the math. Ten songs will qualify from the three semi-finals to compete in the Grand final. The new show is expected to cost around €400,000, but you can’t blame them since the IBA has never done a show this big.  Plus, the show will go on for four nights, rather than the previous Kdam festvial, with the show going on for only one night.

IBA’s new tactic for victory.

These four shows are going to be held during January and February 2013. Three artists will qualify from the semi-finals, with a wildcard getting picked from all three semi-finals. So after the semis, there will be 10 in the Grand Final.

The IBA hasn’t disclosed any of the partcipants, but the winner of the Israeli Voice could be one of the participants. Who should take Israel to victory? Leave a comment below!

Luxembourg to return to the contest?

Could Luxembourg be in the Contest once again? Possibly, but it’s up to the national broadcaster, RTL, to decide.

Recently, the Grand Duchy’s culture minister, Octavie Modert, has been making several statements about Luxembourg possibly coming back to participate in “Europe’s

Source: EBU
Could the Grand Duchy return to the contest?

favourite TV show”.  Mrs. Modert said:

“Why RTL is not taking part is something they can only answer, but it’s very well known that being an active membership of the EBU, costs a lot of money and this initiative has not been successful in the past for Luxembourg.”

So Luxembourg may be coming back to the Contest after a nineteen year break, but why did they withdraw in the first place?

Luxembourg was one of the first countries to ever take part in the Contest in Lugano in 1956. They went on to win the contest fives times: in 1961 with Jean-Claude Pascal, 1965 with France Gall, 1972 with Vicky Leandros, 1973 with Anne-Marie David and in 1983 with Corinne Hermés. But post-1988, the finishing positions started to fall to the bottom half of the board. Sadly, in 1993, Luxembourg sent its last entry to the Contest. They withdrew in 1994 due to poor results and have yet to return to the Contest.

Well, hopefully, we will see the western European nation will be back in “Europe’s favourite TV show”. Should they come back? Drop a comment below or leave your answer in the poll! 

Turkey and Cyprus out?

Recently, Turkey and Cyprus have said that they might not be in the next contest. They haven’t withdrawn because of tension or turmoil by each other. Lets take a look at their reasons for possible withdrawal:

Turkey:TRT’s Director General claimed that there was political voting (which is true as I thought he would know because Turkey and Azerbaijan are like Greece and Cyprus) and that Sweden was already known to be the winner. He said to the media: “There is clearly block voting between some countries. I knew Sweden was going to come

The two countries are still debating whether to participate

first. It’s not a contest- it is a show- if the winner is obviously known all along. We should put forward the idea of withdrawal as an alternative.” So Turkey may not be in but what about Cyprus?

Cyprus: According to Eurovision Times, a lot of Cypriot politicians have criticised the country’s participation due to the cost of taking part in any one Contest. Some of the politicians want to withdraw to save money as Cyprus hasn’t been coping that well with the  recession, so that may force them to withdraw.

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