Lithuania is in Eurovision next year!

On the 29th of July, the Lithuanian Head of Delegation, Audrius Giržadas, confirmed that Lithuania will be in Eurovision next year in Malmö.

Mr. Giržadas also confirmed that a national selection will determine the singer and song the Baltic country will send. However, it’s unknown if the format will be the same like

Lithuania will be in Eurovision 2013!

it was last year. In 2012, Donny Montell was sent to Baku with the song “Love Is Blind”. In the semi-final, he placed third and progressed to the final where he would finish on 14th place with 70 points.

After this news, the total number of countries confirmed is twenty-five; with Armenia returning after withdrawing from the 2012 contest after tension between the country and Azerbaijan.

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Albania débuts in Junior Eurovision!

Today, RTSH has confirmed that Albania will participate for the first time in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Amsterdam. After rumors circulating around the Internet,  the national broadcaster officially confirmed the southern European nation will take part, after a commercial advertisement was shown promoting the show.

Albania isn’t the only country débuting this year. Israel confirmed earlier this month that they shall be taking part in the contest being held in the Heineken Music Hall on the

Source: Wikipedia
The Heineken Music Hall; the venue of the 10th Junior Eurovision Song Contest

1st of December. This year it will be the 10th edition of the contest and the second time that the Netherlands will host the contest; the first being in 2007. This is also the second time that Kim-Lian van der Meij will host the contest, she will be hosting it with Dutch TV personality Ewout Genemans.

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ČT: We might be in Eurovision 2013

Some days ago, rumors suggested that the Czech Republic would not be in the Eurovision in Malmö. However, ČT has discarded the rumors saying that they have made no decision on participation.

The decision will be left in the hands of the creative team at ČT and so far, only two months of scheduling has been confirmed by the broadcaster. With doubts looming over the

Source: Wikipedia
The Czech broadcaster, ČT has said the Czech Republic might be in Eurovision 2013

country choosing to return to the contest, ČT will confirm whether or not they will take part in a few months time by the creative team.

The Czech Republic has participated in Eurovision three times: 2007, 2008 and 2009, with two last places and one second-to-last place. In 2009, scored “nul points”  in the first semi-final.

Croatia participates next year

Today,  Aleksandar Kostadinov, the TV producer for HRT; Croatia’s national TV broadcaster, confirmed the Balkan nation will be in Malmö.

But Kostadinov said that HRT have not decided how they will choose who will represent the country in Sweden. Croatia has not qualified for the final since 2009 when Igor

Source: Wikipedia
HRT doesn’t know how they’ll decide to choose the singer(s) for Croatia next year

and Andrea with “Lijepa Tena” by the jury. The country tried three different ways to get their entrant into the final since then, all of which have been unsuccessful. Last year, HRT internally selected Nina Badrič to represent Croatia in Baku. She came in 12th place.

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Albania: RTSH asking for songs

Today, Albania started getting preparations ready for Malmö, with RTSH calling for songs.

Artists who want to take part must submit their song in CD format including the lyrics. Composers are NOT allowed to enter more than

Source: Wikipedia
The Logo from last years Festivali I Këngës.

one song. And in an interview with Kleart Duraj, he seemed to suggest that only the songs that have been written by Albanian songwriters will be accepted in the festival, though this is yet to be confirmed. All of the songs will be evaluated by the 17th of October by a professional jury.

The few that get selected will get to perform in the fifty-first edition of the Festivali I Kenges, which will be held  in the Pallati I Kongreseve  (Congreseve Palace to you and me) in Tirana, and be Rona Nishliu’s successor and represent Albania in Malmö.

Czech Republic won’t be in Eurovision next year

The Czech national broadcaster, ČT, has confirmed that they will not be taking part in the 2013 Contest in Malmö.

Source: Wikipedia
ČT confirmed they won’t be in Eurovision next year.

There has been many reasons why the Czechs won’t be a part of the show, but mainly because there is a serious lack of interest in the Contest by both the press and the public. They have lost so much interest; that they are debating whether or not to broadcast the Contest being hosted in Malmö, Sweden.

It is fair to say that the Czech Republic is one of the most unsuccessful countries in the Contest’s history with the three entrants scoring two last places and one second-to-last placing. In 2009, the group scored “nul points” in the first semi-final. The Czech Republic hasn’t participated since.

Iceland confirms 2013 Participation

Yesterday, Jóntan Gardarsson,  the Head of Delegation for Iceland, confirmed participation for the 2013 Contest in Malmö in an interview with

Source: RÚV. The selection process for Iceland: Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins

Also, Gardarsson confirmed the national selection process will be the same as last year. So the Icelandic contestant will have to win Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins to represent Iceland in the Malmö Arena.

Iceland is the second most successful country not to have won the contest, behind Malta. Their best placing was second in 1999 and 2009. But they have finished last twice; in 1989 and 2001, with the entrant in 1989 receiving the dreaded “nul points”

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